Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Haute Healing Foundation: A Gift of Burnout

The story of Dr. Dominique Jean begins with burnout, as it was this feeling that led her to make a decision that changed  her life. After years of schooling and training to become an anesthesiologist, Dr Jean discovered that the constant stress of work with no outlet for passion was the cause of her burnout. 

Dominique realized that she must make a change, and incorporate balance in her life. In the podcast linked below she remembers wishing to get in a minor car accident in order to have a break from the stress of her professional life. This was a clear sign of the need for change.

Pictured: Dr. Dominque Jean and her "glam boxes", that have been given out during Covid.

Her first step was to cut back her hours in the hospital and work part time. She recognized that she was able to do this because of financial stability and independence. Knowing that she would have to make some sacrifices and live on a budget in order to pursue her passion, she decided it was worth it. Dominique emphasizes the importance of letting go of the fear and negativity that comes before making a drastic change.

Searching for balance, Dominique reflected on what made her happy and what fueled her passions. Fashion had always inspired her, however she had never thought about it as a profession. Acknowledging her love of fashion, she enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, and continued to work as an anesthesiologist. She created the necessary balance in her life by being intentional and well organized.

Pictured: Two young girls who received a full makeover, wardrobe
styling, and photoshoot from the Haute Healing Foundation.

 Allowing herself time to spend on her passion and leisure, she found a door opening to a second career. By choosing to incorporate meditation and prayer into her daily life
, Dominque noticed a sense of calmness that has made her a better doctor. 

The combination of fashion and medicine led to the inspired notion of makeovers for her patients. She realized that offering glamor to the sick and disadvantaged kids in the hospital would bring them delight and joy. The Haute Foundation was born out of this idea.

Pictured: Makeovers at the Haute Healing foundation set, pre-Covid.

The Haute Healing Foundation delivers “glam” to the sick even in the midst of Covid by sending gift boxes.Visit https://www.hautehealing.org/ to learn more about this amazing pediatric anesthesiologist Dr. Dominique Jean.

Pictured above: The Haute Healing Foundation offers their services of head-to-toe makeovers followed by a photoshoot to disadvantaged and sick children. 

Photos from @hautehealing on Instagram

Learn more about this story here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/from-physician-to-fashion-creating-income-balance-between/id1285879846?i=1000472761023

by Grace Gallant