Thursday, February 11, 2021

Ten Years of CPAS Ghana

Pictured: Priscilla Jeffery with students in Ghana
Priscilla’s interest in Ghana began when she met her friend Mary, a Ghanaian nurses aid who cared for her mother. Their relationship brought her closer to the Ghanaian community. After she retired from teaching, her next step was to create a nonprofit organization in Nsawam, lending money to women in need. Renting an apartment in town, attending church and shopping at local shops, Priscilla became part of the community. After ten years of living and working in Nsawam, she saw that many women were not able to make their loan payments. All their money went to pay for education. Priscilla transitioned her organization to fund schooling for girls. Education is not easily accessible for a lot of people in Ghana. One must buy a uniform and school supplies in addition to paying school fees.
Pictured: Students return to school in 2021 with masks.
This year CPAS (Community Partnership in Akuapum South) celebrates its tenth year anniversary. Priscilla Jeffery founded the organization CPAS in Ghana to make education more accessible for girls. Without education, it is easy for girls to fall into a life of exploitation and poverty. CPAS Ghana gives young women in Ghana an alternative path of opportunity and success. 

Pictured: CPAS Student studying science with organization The Exploratory

CPAS has grown from educating 15 girls in 2011 to 75, in 2021. The organization pays for school fees, and buys locally printed books and uniforms made by local seamstresses. The staff follows each girl on their journey of learning, working with her teachers and family to guarantee a clear path to success. Greenwich High School in Connecticut, supports CPAS with donations of school supplies through the “Education for all” club. Donor and community support, Ghanaian students’ ambition, Jeffery’s generosity and the dedication of the staff brought this nonprofit to life.

With the help of the woman in the community Priscilla has created another way to fund her organization. Products made by the local women will soon be sold online. For more information, contact:

Photos of products are below.

Beaded bracelet

Knitted cloths

Purses made with bright colors
Another style of purse

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