Sunday, October 19, 2014

Be Bold Daily

I'd like io introduce you to my friend Prill Boyle, author, educator and community volunteer. She regularly pours her generosity or currency of the heart out to the people and organizations in her own backyard.  As the former talk show host of Ageless, a Norwalk  cable television show, to working with Women's Perspective regularly last summer on the creation of a Women's Economic Empowerment Training Manual, to preparing women at Mercy Learning Center for the GED tests, she is engaged locally from Norwalk to Bridgeport.

Prill went back to college in her 30s, graduated from Georgetown University at 38, began teaching at a community college at 40 and wrote the book, Defying Gravity, at 50. The book highlights other women who are "late bloomers" and “accomplished incredible things at an age when most people are beginning to wind down.” 

Perhaps Prill's extraordinary and exhuberant presence in our Connecticut community has to do with her philosophy of life.
"I do a bold thing every day. Every day I try to do something that scares me a little bit. I’ve done it since 2000 and that is how I’ve gotten where I’ve gotten."
One of Prill's great delights is to teach at Mercy Center, in Bridgeport, CT.  She posted this comment and picture on Facebook a week ago..
Excited to be starting another year at the Mercy Learning Center of Bridgeport, Inc. today. It's such a joyful place. This photo, taken last year with my former student Jazmin, her math tutor and me, shows Jazmin holding up her GED certificate. "Educate a woman...educate a family."

Thank you Prill for sharing your time, life and enthusiasm with all of us. 

To learn more about Prill please listen to her current interview.

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